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Hello my name is Rodney Belin and My favorite recording artist Mrs. Angelia Cooper former lead singer of the band in the 80s Muthas Funk band. She played the bass Guitar, saxophone and recorded her first single at Maloco Studio with the band Muthas Funk and also recorded at Ardent Studio while the Barkays were recording Traffic Jammer. She was the former lead singer of The Special Effects a band of the 1987 and the former lead singer of the Mighty Truelites as well as the former lead singer of Truegospelairs, she played Bass guitar and played the saxophone, and wrote her first hit Waiting on Jesus. She is my mom and she and my dad Earl Cooper encourage me to follow my dreams and to  trust God, so here I am.
I am a producer and engineer, I play keyboard and sing and i am a drummer , I got my start playing for the band Muthas Funk band in the 8os at the age of 11. My drum teacher was Mr Charles Davis my cousin, they called him Oakland Stroke he was the coldest drummer in Arkansas, he was the former drummer of the Zodiac band, but he became Muthuas Funk drummer.
So I begin playing with the band at The Yesterdays night club in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, PJs night club also located in Pine Bluff, AR, Tonys Dog House in Little Rock, AR in the 80s. I played all over the place for the band. The first studio I played in was Ardent Studio in Memphis Tennessee. Meeting Mr Robert Jackson and Mr William Brown who produce the Barkays and other bigs like Isaac Hayes, Chocolate Milk band and The Staple singers in which they also engineered the Muthuas Funk band, I was excited. Playing the bongos. Then I went on the road with the band performing on concert with Barkays, OB Wright and The Spinners. There were all kind of professional groups on the stage that day, but my dad, Mr. Earl Cooper, the former manager, bass player for the band Muthuas Funk was my strength and mentor he pushed me to practice everyday after school. Another great mentor and friend was the late seven foot recording artist, keyboard player Mr. Grant Norwood who played for the band The Big Boys and The Muthuas Funk band he and Mr. John Smith a great singer bass player and trumpet player of the band Muthuas Funk. These guys gave me the tools to begin my start in the recording world. My mentors, Mr. Larry Tolbert, Mr. Gene Cooper Mr. Robert Adams, Mr. Joe Murdock, Mr. Eddie Owens, Jenell Rodgers, Donna Martin, Mr. Chestain Sims they all were great great singers and musicians that were members of Muthuas Funk. I begin playing drums for the band full effects in the 90s. We lasted about two years then the band split up. so me and some Guys started a Great band  in 1991  called the  full effects Band  the members were Rodney Belin  Tim Edward Ervin Hadley Cornelius Corner Theophilus Smith Cluade Graydon  we lasted a year and I moved to New Orleans and started playing Drums at the 444 Night Club with aRecording  band called Gary and Feelings band on Bourbon Street three nights a week. That job played out so I moved to England Ark where the late Reverend Robert  Reed was the pastor i started playing drums there. and later started playing keyboards i was  over four choirs and i was  there for 16 years then i moved back to Pine Buff and begin playing drums and singing for the Mighty Truelites going on the road performing and playing drums for Various groups like the Soul Stirres and many others and performing on stage with the Williams Brother's, Willie Neal Johnson and the Key Notes, Paul Porter, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Jackson Southernaires and The Canton Spirituals and so many other gospel artist's. As time went on, I begin playing drums and singing for the group The Truegosplelairs of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. This was one of the first group that I ever recorded, then I started my journey doing what I do, recording, and irecorded my first Album coming out of sin and i begin  songwriting, producing and engineering.i also want to thank two of my mentors the Great  Mrs Terry and the famouse  Mr Clark Terry who encouraged me in the recording world to be true to my craft and to work hard and believe in my dreams . I could not have made it this far with out Jesus in my life and of course my beautiful wife Mrs  Tammy Belin as well as the late Pastor Robert Reed . I thank you all.and now i am a Musician at Second Baptist Church in Wabbaseka Ark were  the great Reverend  Grayln Wilson  is the pastor and now me Mr & Mrs Belin have been blessed to opening our first Recording Studio Street Star studio in Pine Bluff Ark 1617 South Olive. so a new journey  begins for us and the community of Pine Bluff Arkansas.we thank you Lord

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